Service Center

Service Manual

【Purpose】Standardize the service activities of customers and continue to meet the requirements of customer expectations.

【Scope of application】Applicable to the management of service activities of all projects.


① The business center is responsible for the supervision of product after-sales service and the organization and implementation of service; guidance for service process performance (timeliness, effectiveness, and correctness).

② The R & D center is responsible for providing the product drawing information, acceptance methods, product status, product maintenance and maintenance guidelines and other technical documents required by the service.

③ Division of Quality Center Analysis and Improvement is responsible 

for the organization and implementation of major quality problems or repetitive quality issues.

④ The company's relevant units are responsible for coordinating with the implementation of this program.

【Service Content】

① Guide the correct use and maintenance of the product;

② Consult the technical knowledge related to the product;

③ Assist in solving quality problems caused by improper storage, use, and maintenance;

④ Timely exclude the failure of the product in the use; set up a special person and line service if necessary to deal with various quality problems for customers in a timely manner.

【Service Information Feedback】

The quality center shall establish quality information feedback networks and user quality files according to user conditions, implement the collection, transmission, processing and preservation management of quality information, and organize user visits on a regular basis. For customers' calls, letters, and visits, answer and reply in a timely manner. Various issues related to products raised by customers shall be managed by registration, processing, and archiving in accordance with the "Record Management Procedure".